Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends - Must Have For Your Business

The face of modern business has been revolutionized as the advent of new technology and trends continually revamp our way of life. The migration to a digital environment featuring measurable metrics, and cost-effective solutions have become essential. However, what are the top digital marketing trends your business has to hop on today? Owing to digital marketing’s vast nature in this list we will mainly be focusing on the newest digital marketing trends, and up and coming b2b digital marketing trends

1. Animated Explainer Videos

If you take anything out of this list, this should be the bandwagon you hop on. Did you know that video marketers see an astounding 66% more leads annually? This is because consumers seem to appreciate and engage with video content more than any other form of content. Animated explainer videos are extremely effective in both b2b and b2c strategies. This holds to be true as individuals and businesses both seem to prefer visual content over any other form of content!

2. Personalization

Consumers are no longer satisfied with a one size fits all solution. Rather they prefer a brand that can identify their individual needs and cater to them accordingly. Personalization is one of the most important b2b digital marketing trends because it helps you gain consumers’ loyalty and trust. The only time you can truly satisfy your customers is when you get to know them well. In which case, you will be able to build deeper relationships, make better recommendations, and ultimately give your business a face of its own.

3. Interactive Content

As content marketing rapidly gains traction, we are responsible not only for providing valuable information but also for entertainment. Yes, that’s right! Customers not only want to be engaged because of the value of the content but also to be entertained. This form of content has led to increased engagement, leads, and conversions thus ultimately enriching a brand’s value.
If you are looking for a few interactive content ideas, you might want to consider:
  • Quizzes
  • Polls
  • Contests
  • Surveys
  • Mini-Games

This type of content not only makes your brand more wholesome but it can also help your customers build a deeper more meaningful connection with you.

4. Voice Search Matters

This is probably one of the newest digital marketing trends, and it is usually the one that seems to be ignored the most. But that can prove to be quite a mistake in the long run! Voice assistants like Siri continue to become more popular. Hence, it would be wise to start optimizing your business and incorporating this form of optimization into your digital marketing strategies.

5. Webinars

Webinars are one of the quickest ways to build your reputation and showcase your expertise in the field. It is also a form of value addition, that helps potential customers understand your approach. Through webinars, you can establish yourself as a trusted industry expert, while at the same time increasing your online traffic and brand awareness!

Final Words
In a rapidly evolving world, trends come and go, it is up to us to make the most of the opportunities we have on hand now! However, as a rule of thumb, we can say that trends seem to be favoring a personalized customer-centric experience. Even amidst all the uncertainties, this is one reality that is unlikely to change anytime soon. With that, we wish you the best of luck in implementing these digital marketing trends within your own business!

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